Shii News and Resources


Opening remarks – Dr Andrew Newman


Dr Riza Yildirim – Futuwwa Ritual Gatherings as a Worship and Social Organizer


Dr. Sussan Babaie – The ‘riffraff’ in Timurid painting: toward a social history of food service


Dr Lloyd Ridgeon – Female Sufis in the Medieval Period


Ms Michelle Quay – Sufis and Subalterns: Blacks, Women, and Slaves in Hagiography


Dr Bruno de Nicola – A unique description of mendicant dervishes in Mongol Anatolia


Dr Alexey Khismatulin – To Appoint Subalterns to the Saljūq State Positions


Dr Miklos Sarkozy – The Dīwān-i Qā’imiyyāt and the Mongols


Dr Derek Mancini-Lander – Subversive Skylines: Local History as Subaltern History in Mongol Yazd


Dr Christine van Rumbeke – The naughty female, in Kashefi’s version of the Kalila-Dimna


Prof. Albert de Jong – Their masters’ voice? The genesis of Zoroastrian Persian literature


Dr. Rebecca Gould – Poetry as Political Critique: Khāqānī’s Christian Qaṣīda


Closing Remarks – Dr Lloyd Ridgeon & Dr Andrew Newman