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Guest posting guidelines

1. When posting, please put a signature at the end of the message and, if possible, an institution or location.

2. You can change your “display name” when you log in, in “Edit my Profile.” This change does not apply retrospectively so make sure you are happy with this before commenting.

3. A very large number of specialists will see your posting as you sent it — with typos and all. Take a few seconds and re-read your posting before you send it. This may well minimize chances of severe embarrassment.

4. Please avoid postings with remarks that are unduly ad hominem and/or insulting to others and their beliefs. Before posting perhaps take a moment to consider how you would feel if the comments were aimed at you. You can make a point without being disagreeable.

Generally we support freedom of expression but not the freedom to be insulting or disrespectful. At the end of the day I will decide on such matters. You are most free to revise and re-send, however.

Take a few seconds and re-read your posting before you send it.

5. If you refer to an article or book or other material why not provide a url (web address) so others may click on the address and call up the reference?

This is especially useful as we cannot handle attachments.